We would like to welcome BETADINE® as the official healthcare partner of the 2018 Lormar Endurance events! BETADINE® will provide each participant with a goodybag & quality socks. The medical team will also be stocked with BETADINE® wound care products should there be any incidents.

“With over 50 years of being a partner in infection control in both hospitals and homes, BETADINE® is honoured to be the official healthcare sponsor for the Lormar Endurance events in 2018. While families and individuals have fun over the events and explore the beautiful Karoo, we hope they’ve come prepared with their favourite BETADINE® wound care product for those minor cuts, grazes or burns. We are looking forward to everyone having a good time and should anyone get a minor wound, reach for BETADINE®: #DontStop with #Betadine.”

Ice cold beer on tap
Ice cold beer on tap 640 453 URBAN GOAT

Imagine this after a great day of Karoo’ing! You’ve probably heard that craft beer is a must partner at Lormar. This year we’re excited to welcome Woodstock Brewery to the Karoo! Woodstock Brewery owner and mountain bike enthusiast Andre Viljoen have decided to treat you to an ice cold beer after each stage!

If you’re in Woodstock area, make sure to go and try AT LEAST every beer on the menu! If not, visit their website to check out their great range of beers that’ll be available at the Tour –

Meander Wines to please wine lovers at Lormar
Meander Wines to please wine lovers at Lormar 960 960 URBAN GOAT

Lormar wine lovers, you’ll be happy to know that Meander Wines will once again provide participants with wine throughout the Tour!

“We are honoured to be the official wine partner of the Lormar Endurance event and we invite you to come join us at the chill zone and MEANDER your way to a glass of our award-winning sparkling moscato!”

G&T’s amidst fresh Karoo air
G&T’s amidst fresh Karoo air 800 800 URBAN GOAT

The Lormar team would like to welcome Hope on Hopkins Distillery to the 2018 tour village. During your afternoons at this year’s tour you can sit back, breath in the fresh Karoo air while sipping away on G&T’s!

Leigh and Lucy, distillers and owners of Hope on Hopkins Distillery, are keen cyclists and runners … but they’ve struggled to get out and about since opening the Distillery. It therefore made perfect sense to partner with Lormar to be part of the action – and hopefully to take part in some of the riding and running and not just provide the well-earned G&Ts each day. They’re looking forward to sharing their passion for gin, offering tastings and gin and tonics in the race village. You might just even catch them out in the field too: and who knows what will be in their camelbacks!

Body Fuel Express Middelburg parter with Lormar
Body Fuel Express Middelburg parter with Lormar 851 318 URBAN GOAT

We’re excited to have Body Fuel Express Middelburg on board as one of our water point hosts at Lormar! They will be serving you with ice cold drinks and off course the famous koeksisters! The Lormar water points aren’t your normal water points but serve home made vetkoekies, cooked potatoes, koeksisters and ice cold drinks. If you’re lucky you might get a beer or coffee from the hosting staff.

Do fill up your bottles when you drive through Middelburg, staying hydrated in the Karoo is a must 😉

The 2018 Trail Run shirts
The 2018 Trail Run shirts 1024 1024 URBAN GOAT

Fresh out of the Karoo, the 2018 Trail Run shirts designed by NVN Design Studio! This year we’ve got a unique design for the ladies with Karoo rosies! Each runner receives a complimentary shirt with their entry!

Mske sure to order the correct shirt size with your entry. View the size chart here

Quattro and Karoo go hand in hand
Quattro and Karoo go hand in hand 960 540 URBAN GOAT

We’re excited to announce that Bidvest McCarthy Audi Wonderboom will continue their partnership at the 2018 Lormar Endurance MTB Tour! You can expect to do test drives at the 2018 Tour and view a wide range of the Audi Quattro models. Contact the dealership at 012 543 8400 to arrange a test drive if you can’t wait until the tour! You might just rock up at the Tour with an Audi!

QBike Lube continues their partnership
QBike Lube continues their partnership 960 635 URBAN GOAT

QBike Lube will make sure your bike’s squeaky chain won’t ruin your Karoo tranquility. We’re happy to say that QBike Lube will again manage the bike wash & lube station each day ensuring participants’ bikes are clean, lubed and ride ready for the following stage.

QBike Lube is available at your leading bicycle dealers. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Cyctec Distribution here

Follow them on social media:


Karan Beef supply a whopping 2000 steaks!
Karan Beef supply a whopping 2000 steaks! 960 636 URBAN GOAT

We’re excited to announce that these juicy steaks from Karan Beef will again be part of the Lormar Endurance MTB Tour menu! Karan Beef will be taking care of your protein intake throughout the tour with their delicious prego steaks for lunch after stage two and oh so tender matured rump steaks for dinner to fuel you for stage 3! Karan Beef supply us with a whopping 2000 steaks!


Get Karan Beef  meat at your nearest Spar or Food Lovers Market and make one of their delicious recipes like this Cowboy Steaks with Blue Cheese Butter

We Support I Love Boobies
We Support I Love Boobies 1000 667 URBAN GOAT

We are proud to announce that we will be supporting the I Love Boobies initiative for the 2018 Lormar Endurance MTB Tour! Help us raise funds for this great cause.

More about the initiative:

ILoveBoobies is a non-profit company and registered PBO, that raises funds and awareness for Breast Cancer (by selling socks, apparel and receiving donations).
Our aim is to get more Mobile Health Screening Clinics into the remote villages in South Africa, many of these towns do not have hospitals. If a Woman Farm Worker feels a lump in her breast, it mostly gets ignored. The journey to a medical facility takes days of travelling and leave of absence from work and family. By sending Mobile Health Screening Clinics into the villages, there is a greater chance of early detection.

Our vision is to create a movement by partnering with Individuals, Companies and Events that have a platform and a social responsibility towards the woman in their communities, to bring Mobile Health Screening Services to the people that need it most.

By example; The Cape Epic is the toughest 8 day Mountain Bike Race in the World, it’s route takes the competitors through rural South African Mountains and Villages.
ILoveBoobies Activists competed in the event. Shortly after the race completed in March 2017, the CANSA Active Mobile Health Screening Clinic’s, followed the Cape Epic Route, performing tests not only for Ladies but for the Men too. The program includes education & lectures on healthy eating and benefits of exercise, Blood Pressure Tests, Breast Examinations, PSA Testing and advice on the dangers of smoking.

How do I support the cause?

All riders can add the I Love Boobies socks to their entry. They will be placed in your goody bags at the event. You can simply follow the link below, login and add the socks to your cart.

All proceeds raised from the event will go back to the local community to do breast cancer screenings.

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